About ARC

Where The Historic Meets The Contemporary

Chicago is a city of deep roots and big ideas– and nothing exemplifies that more than the historic Old Colony Building. Built in 1893, The Old Colony Building is an architectural masterpiece located right in the beating heart of Chicago’s downtown loop. But make no mistake: “Historic” doesn’t have to mean “Old”. Arc at Old Colony has been fully remodeled and modernized, providing students with contemporary design, stylish amenities, and engaging public spaces.

The Center of Everything

When we say “Center of Everything,” we mean it. Arc at Old Colony keeps you within walking distance of not just “Loop U” universities, but The Harold Washington Library, The Art Institute, Millennium Park, Chicago’s renowned Museum Campus, and some of the city’s best restaurants and entertainment venues. If you can’t walk to where you want to go, just hop on the El, which is also within walking distance. What we’re saying is a lot of things are within walking distance. Remember, this is Chicago– when winter comes, you’ll be grateful.

It’s Time to Make History

The Old Colony Building has made its mark on Chicago. With its commitment to supporting the academic and social lives of our student tenants, Arc at Old Colony helps you make yours. Leave your old ideas of dorm life in the past. Be a part of a new vision of Student Living.

Be A Part of Arc at Old Colony.
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